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three tips for going from girl to #girlboss.

21st century business-minded, goal-setting, self-motivated, go-getter girl, listen up.

We’ve joined the world of professionals, and one thing can be sure: we’ve got a hell of a lot more to fight for than your average man. You can argue, say we’ve got equal opportunities, equal pay, yadda yadda yadda. But let’s be real. We’re far from the end goal of equality.

46286.0.detail.jpgAnd rather than sit back and sulk about how unfair the world is (and always will be in one way or another…) I’d rather take this world by the horns, and show it’s whose #girlboss.

For those of you who haven’t heard of or read the infamous Sophia Amoruso’s book, do yourself a favor and grab a copy. You will be inspired.

Sophia’s definition of a #Girlboss is someone who “… is in charge of her own life.”

Sounds like something to strive for, am I right?

First things first, get with a company or organization that needs you.

I ran right off the stage at graduation to the first job that looked at my resume. There was this, “Please, please, hire me, I’ll do anything” desperation that clung in the air of my first official interview. Let’s be honest, we went from the “college bubble” straight out to the real world with little more direction than a $65,000 piece of paper that read, “She/He Passed”.

The first mistake I made when I took on my first professional role was ending up with the first person who asks. That’s called settling. We don’t do that in our dating lives, so why would we do such a thing for a place that we spend 85% of our time per week?

I get it- you need that long awaited paycheck. But listen up. The secret to a long and successful career? Working with someone in a symbiotic relationship. We need Work (for a paycheck, maybe motivation, actual success, anti-depression methods, etc.) but we also need Work to need us too. When you start with a company that says, “Hey, your skills are the key to our mutual success. We value you, we treasure your work, and you stick with us and we can both be rockstars,” you tend to love what you do, consequently doing it better each day!

If you have the luxury of being selective in the next company you join forces with, keep an eye out for this element.

Also, do yourself a favor and perform some “Show and Tell” for the classroom (or boardroom depending on your role…)

I think one of the biggest things I missed due to being homeschooled in elementary school was the whole “Show and Tell” scheme. And boy, am I glad I did.

The people who are the best at what they do, generally don’t like to toot their own horns. It’s embarrassing, it’s awkward, and gosh darnit, why can’t people just see what I’m doing and have that be enough?!

Well, probably because we are too[busy] [selfish] [preoccupied] [overwhelmed] [or just plain dumb] to see why the train is moving as smoothly as it is. Sometimes you need to be the one to grab a hold of a meeting and say, “Yes, this was my idea, and I lost hours of sleep to make this happen successfully, and I haven’t seen my significant other in weeks so I demand to be recognized for this achievement!

Ok, say it a little nicer than that- but you get the point. Your tears, sweat, and sacrifice should not go unnoticed. There’s so many easy ways to bring up your role in a still humble way.

Invite other people to celebrate in your success with you- “Hey! I just closed such-and-such account, and I’m so excited to say our company is now a proud partner with them. I can’t believe this finally happened- I’ve been waiting for something to pop for weeks, and here it finally is! Drinks of me!!!” (Side note: The “drinks on me” thing will always have people excited for your success.)

Lastly, give yourself some grace when things don’t slide into place so easily. Failure can sometimes be a delayed success.

When the negative times come around, they seem to stay around for a bit, mucking up all the other important things you need to do. The easier it is for you to shake off a loss and chalk it up to another learning experience, the easier you will move along down your list of future successes.

Getting hung up on a failed attempt, no matter the size, can do nothing more than ruin a good learning experience and sidetrack you on your way to becoming a #girlboss. Have a good cry (or eat your feelings, or whatever it is you do to mourn the loss of a dream), pick yourself back up, place the experience on the “Lessons Learned” compartment of your heart, and get back to work.



I get it. You’re tired. Being a girl in any setting, professional or non-professional is some serious work. But you can do it. Be kind to yourself. Encourage the other #girlbosses around you. Make time for self-care. Drink water. Relax, refresh, and try again tomorrow. If you recognize yourself as the #girlboss that you are, the rest of the world will begin to see it too.


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