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modern thinking about being a better neighbor.

We live in a world of “Me First”. This morning alone I think I had to use my horn three times just to let people know they were being real jerks for cutting me off.

And heading into the weekend, we’re tempted to make plans for ourselves: sleeping in, relaxing, perhaps indulging in a drink or two…

Since we’ve already determined that self-care is absolutely necessary in your life, there is definitely time to sit back and do something for yourself. Like we discussed: you’re no good to others if you don’t provide for your own needs regularly.

But now let’s challenge ourselves to get creative with all the other hours of leisure we have to spend. When was the last time you put yourself out there, possibly uncomfortably, in an attempt to do something for someone else without thinking about the benefits for yourself?

Does the idea of community service sound like a punishment to you? Do you cringe at thinking of stepping outside of your comfort zone, interacting with those in need for just a few moments? Are you afraid to stand for something, worried about what others might think?

My guess is that you don’t even know just how easy it can be to branch out and get involved in your community. It’s as simple as Googling on the internet, checking a social media account, or paying attention to the flyer-filled wall at your local coffee shop. But just in case you’ve still got an excuse, let me be more specific about the actual steps you could take to being a better neighbor.

Gather some friends and forfeit an afternoon of day drinking to instead find a soup kitchen, shelter, or community center to volunteer just two hours of your time.

How often do you rally the crew together and head out for a beer? Or do you and your significant other have a date night you could swap out for some community involvement? It’s so simple to take that already-built-in time and actually do something that makes a difference with it!

Join a local YMCA. Donate used items at Goodwill, the Salvation Army, and Habitat ReStores. Buy your groceries from co-ops and local farmer’s markets. Support local businesses.

There is an endless amount of ways to stop supporting large corporations and funnel your money into your local community. Supporting small business and farmer’s markets in which the owners will use this money to support their families and businesses will strengthen and many times revive communities. Donating to well-established organizations like the ones mentioned above will also circulate back to helping in the community without you having to do more than dropping off a bag of used clothes! The everyday actions that we will take, with our without thought, can directly impact how our community around us survives.

Be aware of the social justice climate circulating in your community, and join in to stand up for what you believe in.

2017 has brought rallies, marches and protests, along with a deeper understanding of what it can mean to stand for something. Go to the women’s march in your city. Write letters and call your representatives. Start attending town hall meetings! It’s so simple to just be awarein your community, and then pick and choose what you will dedicate your time towards accomplishing.

The most important thing to understand when getting involved in your community (and therefore being a better neighbor) is that no action is too small.

In fact, I challenge you to start small to avoid burning out! Take a Saturday morning and pick up the trash lying along the side of your road. Foster a dog for a few weeks until it finds a permanent home. Participate in a 5K and raise the money to run it for a local charity.

If you take on too much too quickly, it won’t last. And while any contribution into stepping outside of yourself and getting involved in your community is excellent, slow and steady wins this race.

And always remember, the key to being a good neighbor comes from the way you treat others. Get to know the members of your community, invest in relationships, understand the impact of your actions in everything you do, and try to be more intentional in your everyday decisions.

And what better time to start being a good neighbor, than right now?



23 thoughts on “modern thinking about being a better neighbor.

  1. Living in a rural community we have always been close and know our neighbors. I have people stop buy to purchase farm fresh eggs, home grown wheat freshly ground, fresh veggies. We all got together and cleaned up the roadsides this week.


  2. Great post on a part of self care that can be easily overlooked. I can make your day better when you spend time helping someone else. I would add that you can do actions as small as holding a door open for someone while running errands or picking up something someone dropped and handing it to them. Do it with a smile and polite words and you will see just how much more pleasant your day becomes. I’ve already shared this great blog on my Facebook page this morning!

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    • ECMWF sezona kötü baÅŸladı. Yağışı sürekli öteleyip duruyor. Miktarında da ciddi azalış var. Yarınki güncellemede pazartesiyi de pas geçerse ÅŸaarıŸmÅyacağım. Orta yoldan ziyade GFS’in dediÄŸine gelinecek gibi duruyor en azından cuma-pazartesi periyodu için.


  3. I’ve volunteered for years but took a break over the last few years. You’ve reminded me to start doing it again. I loved helping people always have. In fact,
    I was planning to make some food for an older man I know. He lives alone and doesn’t eat as well as he should. I’m planning to drop off some food for Easter 🙂

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  4. This is GREAT! One of my goals this spring is to going our neighborhood clean ups. That’s not only a great way to meet new people but to clean up the neighborhood and feel good about where I live. Thanks for sharing!

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    • Σε πείσμα όσων έχουν κουτάκια στο μυαλό τους το Antinews δημοσιεύει όλες τις απόψεις, εκτός από τις υβριστικές και ÏÂÿÂÃŽÂÃβοκ€ŽÂ±ÃÂ„όρικες. Και δεν δίνει σε κανέναν γραμμή. Ούτε καν στον εαυτό του


  5. Hi Sam,

    SO TRUE!

    I’m so embarrassed with myself that I haven’t really been doing my part in my community. Or at least not as much as I can, I do annual wardrobe purges and try and collect clothing from my friends for various causes. But that’s about it.

    It’s kind of funny because I just wrote about how getting involved in your community can lead you towards finding what it is you love doing – 10 Ways To Do What You Love. Yet, how involved am I really?

    Not that you should “in it” to get something from it, but just jumping in and helping can really show you what the options for your life are and you might just fall in love with whatever you try.

    At least that’s been the case for me. The only reason I now love designing websites is because my friend’s business was gripped by someone and I was like YES, I will do this (not knowing anything at the time.)

    Thanks for the reminder to answer the call and to just offer to help,

    Nadalie, It’s All You Boo
    My New Post: What’s Your Superpower?


  6. Awesome post, and I agree! It’s so easy to slip into your own little world these days and forget the world around you.
    And you reminded me, I can’t wait for farmer’s markets… if you stay for a little bit you can find great conversation with people as well!

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  7. This post is on-point! I’m trying to find ways to stay engaged and involved after the Women’s March, but I’m finding that information overload has me sitting on the sidelines more often than not. Trying to fight that instinct!

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  8. Beautiful! I recently decided that I want to do some community volunteering, not just helping out at my children’s school. I’m actively looking for something right now. In no way do I have the time to spare, but I believe that generosity always comes back, so I’m sure my sacrifice will even out in a way I can’t see right now.


    • I really like the sparkle diamonds die . Wow there are so many different ones. Think I need to save my pennies or drop some serious hints for Chtssrmai. Oh and believe me you would not want me to sing – lol xxx


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