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First Edition: Life Skills for Ladies

It seems as though the list of “Things You Should Know as a Woman” is never-ending. How to change a flat tire, how to sew a button on a shirt, how to defend yourself against an attacker…the list is endless.

So we here at The Feminine Pilgrimage were wondering, what do our fellow authors, entrepreneurs, and creative minds of the blogging world think are essential life skills for women to know? What little nuggets of wisdom can we garner from listening to one another?

#1. Financial Skills

AW.jpgAlexandra Weisser, The Happy Life Formula.

“Learn how to own your finances! Finance is typically regarded as a male dominated industry, but us ladies can make and invest money too. Know how to balance your checking account, make smart investments, rock your 401(k), contribute to a savings account, and know how to leverage credit card points. Women traditionally relied on their husbands years ago to make the financial decisions, but today, more and more women are making the financial decisions and making their money work for them. Show the world your worth and make your money work for you!”

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#2. Health-Awareness

14484732_1086566701381259_5235346067322194753_n.jpgRena Gadimova, Hot Fit Cookie.

“Do you know how to check your boobs for breast cancer? If not, you must learn this skills ASAP. Not checking your breasts regularly can come at a very high cost one day. So let’s be safe, not sorry. Ideally, you should do a BSE every month at the end of your period. Make a routine out of it and stick to it. First, check the outer half of your breasts. Using three middle fingers, move in little circles while changing the pressure from light to deep. Move in circular motions from armpits to a bra line. Do the same check-up with the rest of your breast. Compare the shape of both- a slight difference in size is okay, but there shouldn’t be any changes out of the clue. When it comes to your nipples, make sure that there is no unusual discharge, swelling, rashes or redness. While doing a BSE, look for any changes. Know what is normal and what is unusual for your breasts. If you find a lump, no worries, majority of them are not cancerous. Just see your doctor to double-check.”

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#3. Self-Awareness

Dominique 2.jpgDominique Bagnoche, DomBagnoche.

“I believe that it is vital for every woman to know and understand how to silence their inner critic. Although, quieting your internal critic inside of your mind does take time and practice. In the beginning, it is not easy, natural, or even comfortable to do this, especially if you’ve had that inner critic inside of your mind throughout your entire life. Every woman must determine her own preferred way to silence her critic. Discovering how to quiet the critic inside of your mind is the best way to help you become the woman you desire and are meant to become. You never will be capable of reaching your full potential if you continuously to critique yourself and your every move so harshly. Once I started loving myself more and embracing my life journey that is full of mistakes, I’ve never developed and succeeded more as a person. All women are capable of doing this as well, and a great step to take is to start silencing your inner critics!”

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#4. Time Management

EM headshotEmily McGee, My Adaptable Career.

“I think it’s essential that a woman knows how to put herself first. We’re raised in a culture where women and girls are taught to prioritize other people’s needs. But if you don’t make yourself a priority, no one else will. I talk to a lot of women about time management because they feel pulled in many directions and never seem to have time for their own goals. There are lots of things you can do to improve your time management, but the first step is to make yourself and your dreams a priority. For more information on time management and reaching your goals faster, sign up for my free, 5-day course for bloggers and solopreneurs: Master Time Management.”

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Each edition of “Life Skills for Ladies” will continue to feature your thoughts, all you’ve got to do to be involved is shoot us an email at


22 thoughts on “First Edition: Life Skills for Ladies

    • Simply desire to say your article is as astounding. The clearness in your post is just great and i can assume yo#28u&17;re an expert on this subject. Well with your permission allow me to grab your feed to keep updated with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please continue the gratifying work


    • Managing your finances is just one of those must-haves in life! I wish high schools and colleges offered courses in basic finance skills. I will be posting more on this subject, so be sure to follow me! xo Alexandra

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  1. I love these! I think Self-awareness and self care go hand in hand. How many women don’t spend time pampering and taking care of themselves! My favorite saying is that you can’t pour into other people if you don’t have anything left to pour from!

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  2. I definitely agree with time management. Aside from that, I say two things: 1) college girls need to have a kit of tools in the trunk of their car AND know how to use them, 2) women need to know how to say no. About the tools, there’s been a few times that I’ve had something in my emergency set of tools that was needed by somebody else. It’s amusing to see the surprised look on people’s face when I have whatever is needed on hand.

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  3. Learning about financial investments is definitely one thing I need to work on. I’ve got the ‘normal’ stuff down, budgets and bank accounts, but investments is more confusing than the basics are! ha!

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  4. Wow, this is awesome! I have to admit when I clicked on this link I thought it would lead me to another post telling me how much of a lady I’m not because I can’t bake a cake if it’s not from the box, etc..

    This is really good information! I love that you mention investing. It’s something that’s not quite frequently mentioned among my college aged friends and I!


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