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My Weekend In Review

This weekend was a very special weekend for one of my best friends growing up.


Arielle and I met when we were in elementary school, shortly after I moved into the house across the street from her. Our friendship grew and strengthened over the years, despite my family relocating to the next state over. In the past few years, she has met a wonderful man and the two of them are getting hitched!

This weekend we had the opportunity to celebrate their engagement and have a little bachelor/bachelorette weekend out in the mountains of Virginia. About fifteen of us rented an incredible lodge out in the middle of nowhere, packed up our coolers, and headed out for a cellphone service-less weekend!


One of my favorite things about this weekend is that we bring our dogs with us, which means lots of fun activities outside roaming around the woods. On Saturday morning, I woke up earlier than the rest of the gang- this comes as no surprise; I am an early riser by nature. Starting up a fresh pot of coffee, I threw on my jacket and headed outside, dogs in tow. We roamed around the property, trying to avoid the boggy marshes (I avoided; my dogs on the other hand did everything possible to get their feet wet) and snapping a few photos of the glorious morning light.


It was so peaceful, so far off the road, in the middle of the woods. Sometimes we forget to be silent and to just listen. After a long and hectic week, I needed that moment of silence.

Now it’s back to work on this chilly Monday morning. Sending good vibes and lots of energy out to you all!



3 thoughts on “My Weekend In Review

  1. Gina, It was such a pleasure having you in class yetyredas. Thanks for stopping into our studio with Sheila while you were in town for the Gatorade event. Enjoy the rest of your trip in LA and come back to visit us soon!


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