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discovering mentorship in unusual places

Perhaps one of the most difficult things to do when you enter the age of professionalism, is to find a steady mentor.

I suppose I always imagined it to be the type of situation in which you find that one person who can answer all of your questions, whisper the secrets of success in your ear, and meet with you relatively often so that you can vent about all of your career-frustrations.

Yet once I entered the business world, I found myself being tossed and thrown from situation to situation, clinging to reason and chanting my mantra “Fake it until you make it!”

Finding a mentor is impossible, I thought to myself.

Why did I always think a relationship of mentor/mentee would develop on its own?

Should I ask that nice woman I’ve met a few times but really admire her work?

Should I step up as a mentor to younger women, and shed whatever knowledge I have in an attempt to answer my own questions?

Or should I just give up and accept the fact that no one knows the answers to everything?

I muddled over all of these frustrating options for months until one day I discovered something: a mentor doesn’t need to be just one person with all of the answers.

We find a mentor is the helpful coworker who is more than happy to allow us bounce ideas off of them before supporting our decisions.

We find a mentor in our mother, as she listens to our long day replayed over the phone while you sit in rush hour traffic.

We find a mentor in our partner who listens to your fears and frustrations, and kisses you goodbye in the morning with an encouraging, “You’ve got this” pep talk.

We gather the wisdom and knowledge necessary to living a successful life not because of one person but because of the immense love and support we receive from the ones we trust.

If I spent any more time worrying about the fact that I could not find my perfect mentor, I would have missed those precious opportunities to learn from those around me.

So to all of those who have and will continue to impart their knowledge on me, I say thank you.


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