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How My Day Job Affects Your Everyday Life

My full-time job sounds technical. It sounds exotic. And it sounds like a lot of work. [Which is why I don’t spend as much time HERE as I should…]

And while that is sometimes true, I also know now that after a year working at TiMOTION’s North American office in the Marketing Department, that the idea behind the product that we manufacture is far from complicated.

I’ve never used an electric linear actuator, I thought to myself after I left my first interview at TiMOTION, At least, I don’t think that I have.

The concept seemed so foreign to me- the electric component so complex and industrial. I certainly was not qualified to touch let alone control one of those motion systems. I resolutely believed that I had never even seen such a thing before entering TiMOTION’s US sales office that one summer day.


This right here, is an “L-Shape” or right angle electric linear actuator. It’s pretty standard as far as actuators go.

When I first began my formal training with TiMOTION, I eagerly jotted down notes, researched terms, and began compiling my understanding of what an electric linear actuator truly was.

“Have you ever sat in a recliner that uses a remote control to change the chair’s positioning?” The training manager asked me. I nodded.

“And have you ever seen commercials for adjustable beds in the home? Or for that matter, hospital beds? Homecare beds?” I nodded again.

“Patient lifts? Adjustable wheelchairs? Pool lifts? Dental chairs?” He continued on, naming applications that I had used or seen my entire life.

I went back to my height adjustable desk that day, dumbfounded that after all of these years I had no concept of the simple yet essential linear motion system that powered some of the most crucial equipment.

TEK01 Angle White

Did I mention I also get a height adjustable desk? I love it. I should probably stand up more often than I do though…

On my second day of training, we discussed industrial applications such as combine harvesters, salt sprayers, and cattle ventilation systems. The list of applications that needed the electric linear actuator in some capacity grew and grew, and never truly stopped growing.

You see, like so many other individuals, I lived in a world in which I wrote off “manufacturing” and “engineering” and “electric motion components” as things far too technical for my reach. But the truth of the matter is that I am surrounded by life-changing inventions that utilize the very linear motion component that TiMOTION manufactures with great care. The actual product itself is not complicated in what it is expected to do.

An electric linear actuator is as simple as this: it is a product that takes the rotational force of a motor and converts it into linear energy- that is, it pushes and pulls a load in a linear direction.

And that’s it! That’s all there is to it. You find them in your friend’s high-tech television lift, your office’s height adjustable workstations, your doctor’s examination table, and in your own adjustable bed.

When I explain to other people what it is that my company manufactures, I don’t think to say, “We make something you wouldn’t understand.” Rather, I ask them to sit back and think for a moment about the last time they may have used one of our products without ever even knowing what is truly behind it all.

Perhaps the biggest lesson I have learned from working in the field of manufacturing, is that nothing is impossible to learn or comprehend. Although it is significantly more difficult to grasp new concepts as the years take a toll on your body and mind, it is essential to keep challenging yourself to ingest new facts daily. Keep a healthy thirst for learning with you at all times, and you will find that failure will not follow you.


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