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Welcome to 21 Days of Intentional Thought

Recording your thoughts and feelings over a period of time is essential for self-reflection and growth. In a world so loud with public thoughts, it’s often difficult to find the time to sit down and decide what you need to say aloud. As far as creativity and productivity goes, it’s easy to run out of those imaginative juices and feel sluggish and overwhelmed.

I challenge you to take the 21 Days of Intentional Thought for whatever reason you need to inspire you. It could be wanting to stick to something for a time. It could be for internal reflection. Or, like me, you could want to check in with yourself after a period of thought negligence.

Below is an array of prompts to be taken each day for the next three weeks. You cannot pick and choose what you want to answer. You cannot skip something just because “you don’t know”. I challenge you to reach deep within yourself and find what your heart truly considers about each of these topics.


Let’s start this today.


What did you think?

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