About the Author

11351339_574925182610887_786353482430114456_nHi. I’m Sam.

I am one of the many blind-sided individuals who stepped off the stage at graduation and thought, “The world is my oyster”.

I was wrong.

Through a series of experiences, I ended up in Charlotte, NC, working a full-time marketing gig, despite never having done marketing in my life.

Let’s be honest. I studied Anthropology in college. And you know how many jobs there are out there for the next Indiana Jones? You guessed it. None.


So now I’m slowly learning how to do adult things like taxes, 401ks, mortgages, loans, credit reports, and insurance claims – you know, all the things they should have taught you in college.

And if you’ve stumbled to The Feminine Pilgrimage, chances are you’re also confused, frustrated, and sad about the way certain things have shaped up in this world.

Fear not! We will get through all of this together, with my menial “Tips and Tricks” articles that will, if nothing else, help you to understand that you’re not alone.

And who knows, you might actually learn something along the way too.